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Vol.9, Issue-15, 1-15 March 2016.
  • Read about 'take care of your belongings', 'World Water Day', 'World Education Games" and 'News Update'.
  • Read and enjoy English and Hindi stories and learn a moral. Recite a Rhyme.
  • Answer the ‘Quiz’ and enhance your General Knowledge with ‘It’s a Fact’..
  • Enjoy ‘Jokes’, and ‘Tongue Twisters’.
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RPS saluted the country by taking Prime Minister Narendra Modi's words to heart and is determined to make a place clean, where more than 200 villagers are coming for shopping daily.The students of RPS motivated shopkeepers to collect all the dirt around the place and put them in the garbage cans.This could only happen with the support of CEO Manish Rao, who helped to create awareness among the people of Punjabi Market. Parents also appreciated this social welfare programme.

kidpicjunior issue current issue
Vol.9. Issue – 16, 16-31 March 2016
  • Read about ‘Study well’, ‘Udyanostav Festival’ and ‘News Update’.
  • Learn about ‘The United Nation System’ through the centre chart.
  • Read English story and learn a moral. Get to learn more through ‘Knowledge Club’ and ‘Heritage Walk’.
  • Learn about ‘Telangana’ and ‘up cycle old Pringles box’.
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