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Little Thief
This is the story about a child Mohan who grew as the great leader, one who led us to freedom. When Mohan was quite young, he got into bad habits. For this he had to steal money and to incur debt. Soon the debt increased to twenty-five rupees. Twenty-five rupees was a big money during that time. To clear this debt, Mohan stole a piece of gold from one of the gold-bracelets that his brother wore and paid off the debt.
But soon after that, his heart was filled with remorse. He resolved never to steal again. He wanted to confess the crime to his father but was fearful. Mohan kept thinking about his act and a time came when he decided not to hid the wrong act anymore. He wrote out the confession on a slip of paper. In this letter, Mohan accepted his guilt and also requested his father not to punish himself for his son's' offence. With trembling hands, Mohan handed the letter to his father who was sick at that time. As the father read the letter, tears trickle down his cheeks and without uttering a word, he tore up the paper with a deep sigh.
Mohandas also started crying. He saw the power of truth. From that day, telling the truth became a passion with him. He loved his father more and more. Do you know who was this child? This child came to be known later as Mahatma Gandhi, 'Father of our nation'.