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The Story of Helen Keller

The story of Helen Keller is the story of a blind and deaf girl who struggled against overwhelming odds and with a great deal of persistence, grew into a highly intelligent and sensitive woman who wrote, spoke, and labored incessantly for the betterment of others. She was the first deaf blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. Before she was 2 years old, Helen Keller lost her sight and hearing after a high fever. She felt lost and very frustrated. The following few years proved very hard for Helen and her family. Helen became a very difficult child, smashing dishes and lamps and terrorising the whole household with her screaming and temper tantrums. Her parents felt the need for a teacher. And thus entered Anne Sullivan in the life of Helen and soon Helen was a different child. Anne Sullivan had herself lost the majority of her sight at the age of five.

After two operations she regained some sight. She could understand the frustrations of Helen. Anne immediately started teaching Helen to finger spell. Spelling out the word "Doll" to signify a present she had brought with her for Helen. The next word she taught Helen was "Cake". Although Helen could repeat these finger movements she could not quite understand what they meant. One day Anne led Helen to the water pump and pumped water on her hand. She spelled the letters W-A-T-E-R as the water ran over Helen's hand. She did this over and over again. At last it dawned on Helen that the word "water" meant the water which she felt pouring over her hand. This opened up a whole new world for her. She ran everywhere asking Anne the name of different things and Anne would spell the words in her hand.
This was the key which unlocked the world for her. Anne taught her for years. Helen learned to read Braille. Braille was a system of raised dots representing letters. A blind person could read by feeling of the dots. When she went to college, her teacher Anne went with her and tapped out the words of the instructors into her student's hand.
While she was in college she wrote her book called "The Story of My Life". With the money she earned from the book she was able to buy a house. She became famous and traveled around the world speaking to groups of people. She met many important and well-known people as she traveled. She wrote a total of 12 published books.