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English Stories

The Miser and His Gold

Once upon a time, there lived a rich man called Abdullah in a town. He was known for his miserliness. Stingy to the core, he could easily be mistaken for a beggar. He believed that since there were so many people out to rob rich persons, it was safe to pretend to be poor. He didn't bother if people snickered and children called out, “Kanjoos! Kanjoos! whenever he passed by in his worn out clothes. As the years went by, his pile of money grew more and more. One day, he sold most of his possessions and bought a huge lump of gold. Instead of using the gold for himself, he buried it near an unused well. He thought that no thief would be able to find that place.

Everyday, he used to go to the well, dug up his gold and gloat over the fact that he had this much wealth. Unfortunately, his habit was so regular that a thief was able to figure out his hidden treasure. The thief went there, dug up the gold and ran off into the night.
Next day when the miser came to gloat over his treasure, he found nothing but an empty hole. He tore his hair and howled so loudly that the neighbours came running to see what was wrong. He told them about his gold and how he used to visit his gold.
A neighbour, seeing him overcome with grief, asked “What were you planning to do with the gold?” “Nothing”, replied the miser. “Well then”, came the reply. “Take a stone, drop it in the hole and fancy that the gold is still lying there. It will do you just the same service. For when the gold was there, you did not make the slightest use of it except to graze at it everyday. Abdullah remain silenced.