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Magic Trick

Spell the Color
Material Required: Six Index Cards

1. Write the name of these colours on index cards, one colour on each red, blue, green, orange, pink.
2. Layout the cards on a table with the names of the colours facing up.
3. Ask your friend to mentally select a colour and not tell you which one he selected.
4. Ask your friend to silently spell the name of the color, one letter at a time, as you touch different cards. When your friend reaches the last letter, ask him to say "stop."
5. Your hand will be resting on the colour which your friend is spelling. Show him the index card and he will be surprised.

Perform the following as your friend silently spells his colour. For the first two letters, touch any card. On the third letter, touch red, on the fourth letter touch blue, on the fifth letter touch green and so on. When the spectator says "stop" on the last letter, your finger will resting on his colour.